Our Routine

This is just an example of our daily routine; it is subject to change depending on various factors such as weather, special occasions etc.

We use the yearly calendar to learn about cultural events and celebrations, as well as working our way through the seasons, these influence many of our daily activities.

A typical day at Little Chicos:

  • 8am Arrival of children
  • Free play/dancing, singing with musical instruments
  • Trip to park – Walk around the local area or shops
  • 10am Morning snack time
  • Outdoor/Indoors free play with toys, board games, puzzles
  • EYFS/Development related activity/Baby nap time
  • 12pm Lunchtime
  • Sleep time/Quiet time, i.e. story time or TV time
  • Indoor Activity
  • 3:30pm Afternoon snack
  • Indoor/Outdoor play, creative play
  • Tidy up time and getting ready for Collection
  • 6pm Collection time
child playing outside bedfordshire

A typical child’s day will always include activities that support the main seven areas of learning and development such as crafts, cutting and sticking, painting, dough, cooking, story time, singing, dancing, music and musical instruments. Time is also set aside for physical and free play, with a range of toys and equipment to stimulate imagination and encourage independence in learning.

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